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Author: Subject: 3SGTE Swapped Terseo: Axles
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[*] posted on 20-7-2011 at 06:57 PM
3SGTE Swapped Terseo: Axles

yeah i cut both rails so that i could center the motor as best as possible in the bay...that also helped in keeping both axles as close to equal length as possible - meaning there's only a 3/4 inch difference in length between the driver's side and passenger's side axles on my car.:deal:

my control arms are also modified so that my axles wouldnt be angled all the way back.. i did this to alleviate premature joint wear.:thumbup:

with big power goals, you have to take EVERYTHING into consideration.:smug:

i'll keep exactly HOW i did my axles to myself though (y'know, in favor of huggin my crack pipe):doh:

i will however, offset my 'secret' :lachen: by putting other useful info out there

1) VZ V6 camry transmissions are a DIRECT bolt up to the 3S - no bell swap necessary

2) the above mentioned tranny is THE SAME as the MR2 turbo tranny except for the location of the shift linkages so, if you have an MR2 turbo tranny and can source the shift mechanism from a V6 tranny, its as simple as removing the mr2 shift mechanism, installing the V6 tranny mechanism and welding the hole that the MR2 linkage originally went through (about the size of a dime) shut - DONE! MR2 tranny for FWD purposes.:deal:

i just used the V6 tranny - i like the ratio better.:2thumbsup:

3) if you want somewhere like DSS.com to do some axles capable of withstanding high output they can -BUT- only if you get a cv joints from the 87-88 V6 camry (yeah, only those 2 years wtf?) manufactured by a company called GKN (or was it GNK...whatever). these joints used 32 spline shafts, compared to the regular none GKN? axles which use a 28 spline design. DSS.com tooling can only do the 32 spline chumpies. you have to give them the length of the axles you desire for them to make it...you cant just say "i want em 'x' inches shorter than a stock camry axle"..they hate that. ask me how i know.:doh: then i went with the ST185 knuckles...just easier - PLUS 5 lugs - WIN.:thumbup:

4) when i said V6 trannies bolt up to the 3S without bell housing swaps - that goes for the late 80s/early 90s VZ V6 trucks too. the trucks even use the same size flywheel as the 3SGTE (unlike the RWD S series bell housings which require you to use the smaller 2nd gen or later 3SGE flywheel on your GTE).
^^^this info is for those with RWD 3SGTE aspirations^^^

yeah - ya boy did research - HANDS ON research - BEFORE you could just go google this shit (prolly STILL can't google it):smug:...

and 4AG still has more aftermarket support than a 3S.

ever heard of this obscure little machine called the AE86? it's only a LEGEND that's been out since 1983 - with guess what? that's right - A 4AGE. the AW MR2 has been out since that time too with the same powerplant.:deal:

wanna test me?:nono:

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