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Author: Subject: testing for bad ignitor/coil *sticky mabey?*
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info.gif posted on 5-7-2009 at 01:45 PM
testing for bad ignitor/coil *sticky mabey?*

I just thought I would give a little bit of a write up(hopfulley get stick to help diagnois ignition problems since i've had to do all kinds of them:rant:

#1 test to see if you are even recieving 12v to the ignitor itself:

unplug your ignitor and turn your cars igniton to the "ON" position...you should have two green wires on one side of the positve feed(very middle pin) and two black wires on the the other side hook your positive lead to the middle pin and your negative to one of the black pins(if you get no voltage try the other black pin) and check for a 12v source

If you dont get a 12v output from either one or the other black pins then you have either a grounded or cut wire on the harness.

test #2 ok after you performed test #1 and you do in fact have 12v going to your ignitor now is the time to test the function of your ignitor....first thing is to unplug your primary plug to your coil and hook up a 12v bulb(I used the dome light bulb) to that plug. I just cut up two 14guage wires and stuffed the ends into the plug and soldered the other ends to the bulb(polarity isnt important) Now you might need a helper to either crank the car or watch the bulb for you and if the bulb flickers on and off while you crank you know the ignitor is good

test #3 ok so youve just completed test #1 and 2 and its all fucntioning this is the last test im going to go over. First unplug both your primary plug(two pin 12v plug) and your coils dist. wire terminal. Then you test the resistance between your positive and negative of the primary...should be +or- 1.0 ohms. Next if that checks out put your meters black lead to the - of the plug on the coil and then put the positive of your meters lead to the dist. wire terminal should read anywhere in between 8000 to 13,000ohms if its far out of this range its your coil

so to reiterate if you fail test #1 your have a short or a cut wire in your harness coming to your ignitor

if you fail test #2 then your ignitor is bad

if you fail test #3 your coil is bad

anybody please correct me if im wrong anywhere here:deal:

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[*] posted on 6-11-2009 at 12:12 PM

..touch it..if your heart stop you will know..jk man sorry..but for real if you touch the wire coming from it and get a zap..you will be ok and get your answer...i promise you will live lol ive touched mine 100 times..

but on a serious note you can pull a plug..and turn the car over see if you have an arc on the plug.thats how i do it good luck man


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